Amazing benefits of wearing gemstones: Health and spiritual

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  They look absolutely stunning. They sparkle, they go perfect with your skin tone and enhance the best features of […]

Make your dull jewelry sparkle again, and fix those broken pieces

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  There is no need for you to run to the jewelry store for every jewelry repair. The Fini Jewelry […]

5 Tips for matching your jewelry with your outfit

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  Accessories are important for defining a style and provide identity to your everyday outfit. Whether it’s a special occasion […]

How to buy jewelry: These 6 are non-negotiable!

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  Buying jewelry can be a whirlpool of emotions: excitement and love, mixed with a bit of fear and anxiety […]

Exclusive jewelry collections found in your resort

dec 8,2016 | by lorem ipsum

  Right outside your room and at your doorstep, directly in the hotel’s lobby you’ll surely find a Fini Jewelry […]

Everything you need to know before buying a ring: A quick guide

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Buying jewelry is always a sparkling and colorful experience, but when it comes to buying a ring, things can turn […]

How to organize your jewelry at home: Creative tips and ideas

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  It’s very important to keep your jewelry safe and sound; stored in a place away from dust and moist, […]

6 interesting facts you didn’t know about jewelry and gemstones

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  Jewelry isn’t only dazzling diamond rings, charming bracelets and spectacular pendants. Beyond the sparkling color of a ruby, an […]

How to buy jewelry abroad and the benefits around it!

dec 8,2016 | by lorem ipsum

Travelers who want to buy jewelry abroad to take home, usually shop under the promise of lower prices (which isn’t […]

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